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Trees, Lawn & Garden Upkeep

Rodents and insects will use overhanging branches as the shortest route into your home! Overgrown shrubs damage your siding, windows, and roof. Vegetation near/against the house will lead to moisture damage, mold, rot, and climbing plants.

Prune tree limbs 6' to 8' back from your home, and shrubs should be back at least 18". When planting new shrubs they should be 3' to 5' away, depending on height. Trees should never be planted any closer than 8' from the house. Do not prune your spring bloomers until they are through flowering.

Once your trees are in good shape, the lawn is next. First up are lawn pests: grubs and sod webworms feed near the surface in the spring so when inspecting the lawn for dead, fading and/or spongy areas you may actually see the grubs. GET RID OF THEM!

Rake these areas to remove all dead grass, then seed. To germinate, barely cover the seeds and water daily.

Clean out the gardens of debris from last year and start the yearly battle with weeds. Starting in the spring will reduce the chances of spreading. If you are planning on using a spray pick one that will not kill grass and plants. If you plan to take care of it by hand, wait until after a rain, the soil will be softer.

Compost the debris and muck from your water garden. Feed fish when you have a sustained 50-degree water temperature.

Aerate and turn your compost pile, screen any you plan to use in the next few weeks to get it ready. 

Finally, inspect your birdhouses and replace or add them to attract birds to eat the grubs and other insects all summer long. 

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March Gardening

Shed and Tool Upkeep

With the arrival of spring in just a couple of weeks, it is time to clean your shed and tools. Getting everything ready  ahead of time will make life easier later in the year. Start with cleaning and sharpening all of your hand and pruning  tools, having these out of the shed will help later when you are ready to clean up the shed itself. Use steel wool or a wire brush on shovels and trowels etc., thoroughly cleaning and removing rust and dirt. Then use a steel file to remove burrs and to sharpen the edges. Lastly, apply oil to the blades. Take your pruning tools apart before you beginning cleaning them with the wire brush. Also, schedule a tune-up for your lawnmower.