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March Gardening

Shed and Tool Upkeep

With the arrival of spring in just a couple of weeks, it is time to clean your shed and tools. Getting everything ready ahead of time will make life easier later in the year. Start with cleaning and sharpening all of your hand and pruning tools, having these out to shed will help later when you are ready to clean up the shed itself. Use steel wool or a wire brush on shovels and trowels etc., thoroughly cleaning and removing rust and dirt. Then use a steel file to remove burrs and to sharpen the edges. Lastly, apply oil to the blades. Take your pruning tools apart before you beginning cleaning them with the wire brush. Also, schedule a tune-up for your lawnmower.

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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms have come up while speaking with clients lately, many didn't know our law had changed. Maryland's Updated Smoke Alarm Law went into effect on January 1, 2018.

Yep, that's right 2018! So, we thought...

Maryland's Smoke Alarm Law requires the replacement of battery-operated smoke alarms with sealed units that have a 10-year lithium-ion battery and a silence/hush button feature. This is to transition away from 9-volt battery-operated smoke alarms in an effort to achieve more reliable smoke alarm coverage in older dwellings.

The law also requires the replacement of all smoke alarms 10 years after the manufacturer's date on the back of the alarm. This applies to both hard-wired and battery-operated smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms that are battery-operated and presently exist by code or locations where there are no smoke alarms present must be replaced. If the manufacturer's date cannot be found, the alarm is most likely outdated and needs to be replaced

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