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Common Questions by Buyers

  1. What price home can I afford?
  2. How do I find out about the condition of the home I'm considering?
  3. How low can I consider offering?
  4. How and what do I negotiate?
  5. What about my down payment, should I put more or less down, if we can afford it?
  6. What is title insurance?
  7. What steps should I take when looking for a home loan?
  8. Is it possible to negotiate interest rates?
  9. Is it better to buy a new home or a resale?
  10. Fixer-Uppers - Are they good or bad?
  11. Can you borrow the money to repair?
  12. Is there a good "return" for my efforts?
  13. Are foreclosures good or bad ideas?
  14. When buying a home how much does my REALTOR® need to know?

Common Questions by Sellers

  1. Is there a best time to sell my house? 
  2. Are there important factors to consider when selling a home? 
  3. How much is my home worth? 
  4. What should I do to get my house ready?
  5. Should I make repairs? 
  6. What are my obligations to disclose? 
  7. Are there standard contingencies in an offer? 
  8. Should I be flexible in granting contingencies? 
  9. What do I do if my house isn't getting activity?
  10. Is it possible to sell for less than my mortgage? 
  11. How will a foreclosure affect my credit? 
  12. How long will a bankruptcy or foreclosure stay on my credit report? 
  13. Is it possible to refinance after bankruptcy?

Mary Flaherty

Brendan & Mary Ellen Flaherty

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Homeowner Information

  1. Title Insurance
  2. What do I need to know before selling my home?
  3. Tips for First-time home buyers